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    Dr. Akshay Wadegaonkar

    Working with the amazing team at Ringwood Family Medical Centre has been the best period of my twenty years+ of a career in Medicine. Highly responsive, approachable management that does their best to manage the whole team for you to get the best outcomes for your patients. When it comes to getting things done, they 'just do it'! Achieving high-quality General Practice Accreditation done within just a few months of opening this clinic is just one indicator of how high the standards are established and maintained, right from the start. Absolute pleasure to work with and grow your practice with.

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    Dr. Haroon Suleman

    The popularity of Redcliffe Parade Family Medical Practice is testament to the high quality of care and excellence that doctors and staff strive to achieve. Friendly, amiable team, with good amount of autonomy and flexibility makes it a pleasure to work here. Much support from on-site Allied health team, and that's an added bonus. I definitely recommend joining this crew.

  • Fiona Hanvey - Practice Manager

    Since joining Anchor Medical in 2011, I’ve been surrounded by co-workers who are caring, brilliant, and professional. They’re the best at what they do. My managers have continually supported and encouraged not only my professional development, but also my personal goals. As a team, we strive for excellence, working together to continually improve patient care and outstanding customer service. I’m proud to be working for Anchor Medical – it’s where I want to be.

  • Dr Nadia Elahi

    The five years I worked with anchor medical were a great experience. Having left the UK, I’m not looking back. I felt supported right from the beginning and enjoyed peer support, excellence in educational opportunities with weekly clinical meetings, and a friendly atmosphere where your needs and views were always addressed. The warm and welcoming team environment creates a great experience for the patients and staff alike. You have the independence to practice evidence based medicine with full autonomy and can set your own pace to deliver quality healthcare to your patients. I would love to work with anchor medical again if the opportunity arises.

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    Dr Shabana Jaipurwala

    Joining Family managed Anchor Medical Group has been one of the best decisions of my professional life. The management team is very supportive, staff are assiduously trained to be courteous, empathetic and efficient. It is heartening to note that all my fellow GPs enjoy working at the practice and contribute to the excellent positive atmosphere of the clinic.

  • Dr. Veena Kathnaur

    Redcliffe Parade Family Medical Practice is friendly environment to work with a terrific team of doctors, nurses, receptionists, and management. The management team is approachable and committed, which gives us flexibility and complete freedom to manage patients. I have been working at this practice for more than 8 years and thanks to the supportive and dedicated team wish to continue for years to come.

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    Dr Celine Gol

    I worked at Kallangur Family Medical Practice for over two years - I only left recently for a practice closer to home and our daughter’s school. This practice is a friendly, welcoming place to work with a busy patient base. The reception staff are fantastic, there is full-time experienced nursing support and any minor issues I did have were quickly sorted by the practice manager. I work part time and have a 5 year old daughter, and the practice was incredibly accommodating when I needed to switch hours/days around at short notice to attend school meetings etc.

    I really enjoyed my time at Kallangur and would absolutely love to work with Anchor Medical again - please do keep me in mind if you open a practice closer to home!

  • Dr. Ian McMurchy

    I have been a general practitioner for almost 40 years. For the past ten years I have been with Anchor Medical Group. This has been a very satisfactory arrangement that has been mutually beneficial. I look forward to continuing to work in this practice with a harmonious team of dedicated professionals.

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    Dr Ajit Kaur Calais

    I have been in General Practice for the past 28 years. I joined Anchor Medical a year ago working in the Albany Creek and Kallangur Practices. It has been a wonderful journey and pleasant experience working with the Team. The professionalism and friendly accommodating nature of the Practice Managers, receptionists and nurses is commendable. Flexible working conditions and hours plus Team support allows one to enjoy peace of mind and to focus on being a good Clinician.


The Anchor Medical group is founded on the principals of service, empathy and respect. We ensure our employees and our doctors are well supported and have the flexibilty in their work, which in turn enables the freedom of care for our patients.